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AREF-1 - The GPS-Basic Reference Frame of Austria as basis 
of the modern telematic geodesy
Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Ahrer
Univ. Lektor Dr. Herbert Döller
Consulting Engineer for surveying 
GPS-Frame Land Surveyor Corporation 
Feldgasse 17
A-4840 Vöcklabruck

The GPS-Reference Frame Land Surveyor Corporation was established through an initiative of the Federal Chamber of Architects and Consulting Engineers. It is open for every Consulting Engineer for Surveying (IKV) in Austria. Every IKV may join the Corporation. Already 115 IKV and branch managers joined. The main subject of the corporation is the development of a „highly accurate GPS-Geodetical Reference Frame for Austria" and the processing of such a Frame with emphasis on „national and supranational DGPS - Geodetical Reference Frames". Especially the necessity e.g. the ablility to offer national and supranational homogeneous Data for GIS-Projects was one of the main reasons for the foundation of the Corporation. From a geodetical point of view it is not justifiable, not to have a standardized, absolutly correct Geodetical Reference Frame for GIS-Projects or wire and pipeline surveyings. National and supranational Projects and positionrelated telematics applications also require a standardized Geo-Reference. 

Caused by the growing practical usage of satellite-methods, the expectations put upon the geodetical network of fiducial points keep raising. The main subject is to adjust the existing networks of fiducial points to the modern demands on quality and quantity. The homogenization of the network of fiducial points location will give the user the ability to use new surveying methods like GPS economically and without the loss of precision. At the same time a reduction of density of the fiducial points may be accomplished. In cooperation of the Federal Office for Calibration and Measurement (BEV) and the GPS-Netz Ziviltechniker GmbH (GPS-Work Cooperation for Surveying), the existing GPS-Net AGREF (ca. 80 points) is expanded by another 250 points to an Austrian GPS-Geodetical Reference Frame AREF-1. Differentiated out of the AREF-1, the 3-dimensional coordinates of the international frame ITRF94 form the basis for a modern, user-orientated network of fiducial points.

The AREF-1 Campaign was completed in June of 1996 within only 10 days. The surveying series, which were set for 24 hours, went by smoothly with a total of 64 two-frequency-receivers. More than a hundred engineers and technicians were in full activity and covered a distance of 140.000 km. The evaluation done by the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Technical University of Vienna shows that accuracy better than 15 mm in location and 20 mm in contour is provided. The usage and distribution of data as basis for realtime DGNSS (Differential Global Navigation with Satellite Systems)-services was an essential motivation for the creation of AREF-1. In cooperation with the Austrian broadcast services (Österreichischer Rundfunk) a broadcast-service based on 20 reference stations and transmission through the DARC-Technology (Data Radio Channel) is a work in progress. Europe-wide this net-concept is said to be in pole position in technology. Since Mai of 1998 this service is in operational activity. 

The basis for a modern geodetical network of fiducial points and its telematical implementation in Austria is established.

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